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// Adapted from the Groovy Cookbook
enum USD {
quarters(25), dimes(10), nickels(5), pennies(1)
USD(v) { value = v }
final value
enum GBP {
two_pounds (200), pounds (100), fifty_pence(50), twenty_pence(20), ten_pence(10), five_pence(5), two_pence(2), pennies(1)
GBP(v) { value = v }
final value
def change(currency, amount) {
currency.values().inject([]){ list, coin ->
int count = amount / coin.value
amount = amount % coin.value
list += "$count $coin"
switch (currency) {
case "USD": return change(USD, payload).toString()
case "GBP": return change(GBP, payload).toString()
default: throw new AssertionError("Unsupported currency: $currency")
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