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Phoniebox installation log

Phoniebox Installation

How I tried installing Phoniebox in a RPi 3 Model B from a Mac.

1. Download Raspbian Buster Lite

from , using the ZIP download link.

2. Flash an SD card

  1. Download Etcher
  2. Install to Applications
  3. Run as root via sudo /Applications/
  4. Select ZIP, card, hit Start
  5. Take out SD card, put it back in

3. Modify Wifi settings

  1. Open SD card partition "boot"
  2. Create file ssh
  3. Create file wpa_supplicant.conf as described in

4. Boot the Raspi

  1. Insert the card
  2. Plug in the card reader
  3. Plug in the USB audio device (optional)
  4. Plugin monitor and keyboard (optional)

5. Connect via SSH

  1. Find IP address via router admin UI
  2. Connect: ssh pi@<ip-address>
  3. Create .ssh/authorized_keys and add own public RSA key
  4. Change password for pi user using passwd

7. Get sound device info

Execute amixer scontrols

For a PCM audio device, the output might look like this:

Simple mixer control 'PCM',0

Use this info in the next step.

6. Start Phoniebox install script


rm buster-install-*
chmod +x

Follow the interactive prompt.

If you are connected via Wifi already, skip the Wifi setup.

7. Connect to the web UI

  1. Use ifconfig | grep inet to find the Raspi's IP address.
  2. In a browser, connect to http://<ip-address>/ to open the Phoniebox web UI.

8. Upload music

  1. Have some MP3 files ready
  2. Go to "Folders & Files" to upload music files into new folders

9. Test audio playback

  1. Go to "Home" in the web UI
  2. Hit the play button next to a music folder.

The UI should indicate that music is playing. You should hhear music.

In my case, neither of those happened.

Troubleshooting: - not too helpful, as all settings seem to be right.

Installing omxplayer. Playing mp3 via omxplayer <path-to-mp3> is working fine.

Maybe it's mpd? systemctl list-units|grep mpd shows it's running.

Running mpc update fixed it.

10. Register RFID cards / chips

  1. Go to "Card ID" in the web UI
  2. Swipe an RFID card or chip. The ID should appear in the form.

In my case, the card ID does not appear.

I run ~/RPi-Jukebox-RFID/scripts/ again. And I reboot. Then it works.

11. Set RFID controls

As described in

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