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This macro hidden all objects not selected if you selected one object hidden the hidden object are displayed and all objects not selected are hidden
import FreeCAD
# Macro_SelectVisible
__author__ = "Mario52"
__url__ = ""
__version__ = "00.02"
__date__ = "12/11/2015"
compt = 0
for ShapeNameObj in FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects: # list alls objet for test if alls hidden
if (FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.getObject(ShapeNameObj.Name).Visibility == False) and (Gui.Selection.isSelected(ShapeNameObj) == False):
compt += 1 # if hidden : compt += 1
#print "False : ",ShapeNameObj.Name
if compt == len(FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects): # if (compt = Alls objects hidden) then Visibility = True
for ShapeNameObj in FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects:
FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.getObject(ShapeNameObj.Name).Visibility = True # Visibility = True
#print "True : ",ShapeNameObj.Name
compt = 0
else :
for ShapeNameObj in FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects: # hidde objects not selecteds
if Gui.Selection.isSelected(ShapeNameObj) == False:
FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.getObject(ShapeNameObj.Name).Visibility = False # if objects is not selected then Visibility = False (Hidden)
#print "False : ",ShapeNameObj.Name
FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.getObject(ShapeNameObj.Name).Visibility = True # if objects are hidden and selected then Visibility = True and hidden alls objects visibles
#print "True : ",ShapeNameObj.Name
except Exception:

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@mario52a mario52a commented Jan 2, 2016

This macro utility is intended for the use of the program FreeCAD
The icon for your toolbar, it is to place in your macros directory (in the same location of the macro)
macro_selectvisible rename in Macro_SelectVisible.png

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