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marios88 / gist:050ad50528edcb7e0a9d98d527f252a9
Created Dec 22, 2020
Find PDFs in current folder and subfolders, run ps2pdf with parallel execution and replace on the fly
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nohup find . -name '*.pdf' | xargs -n 1 -P 8 -I % sh -c 'ps2pdf "%" - | sponge "%";echo "%"' &
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aspell --lang el dump master | aspell --lang el expand | tr ' ' '\n' > el.dic
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# Find the current encoding of the file
# place in $HOME/bin
# to mass use it
# find "$PWD" -type f -name "*" -exec recodeifneeded utf-8 {} \;
encoding=$(uchardet "$2")
if [[ "$1" != "${encoding}" ]] && [[ "${encoding}" != "UTF-8" ]] && [[ "${encoding}" != "unknown" ]]
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//refresh && link
var hash = window.location.hash;
hash && $('.nav a[href="' + hash + '"]').tab('show');
//back - forward
window.onpopstate = function(event) {
if(window.location.hash == ''){
//no hash in url show the tab you like!
$('.nav a[href="#nav-home"]').tab('show');
marios88 / image_autorotate.php
Created Jul 21, 2017 — forked from codee/image_autorotate.php
CodeIgniter: Automatic image rotation library
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<?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
* @file application/libraries/Image_autorotate.php
class Image_autorotate
function __construct($params = NULL) {
if (!is_array($params) || empty($params)) return FALSE;
marios88 /
Last active Feb 3, 2017
Postfix cron based rate limiting / throttling with mail alert and automatic postfix shutdown on abnormal queue size

NOTHING WORKED, postfix does not want to throttle outgoing emails.NO MORE

This will delay sending emails and put extra load on the cpu

Why, you ask?

My server normaly sends 1000-2000 emails per day, one day a client got hacked and sent out 2million of them Outgoing email workload is fairly predictable in my case


add in /etc/postfix/ and copy header_checks to the same location
marios88 /
Last active Oct 24, 2015 — forked from faizal2007/LICENSE
Bash Image Optimization for web


This script is use to optimize image for web

  • This script only optimize jpg and png image
  • Currently this script only support debian
  • jpg strip-all
  • -o9
  • Current folder
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