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Output of `docker images` used in post:
$ docker images
bloggy_web latest fd72d1901622 10 hours ago 912 MB
<none> <none> a51a0506164a 10 hours ago 903.4 MB
bloggy_square latest 4246ada965f2 10 hours ago 903.4 MB
<none> <none> 6e1e68d610ba 10 hours ago 903.4 MB
docker_square latest 85c7ac711d78 11 hours ago 808.9 MB
postgres 9.4.1 03119fe33f25 4 days ago 213.9 MB
ruby 2.2.1 ef6e4b7dc7cd 3 weeks ago 775.1 MB
kirkdockerized_web latest 83edc1a1d29a 4 months ago 347.8 MB
kirk latest e58e06cb7441 5 months ago 329.2 MB
ubuntu latest 5506de2b643b 6 months ago 199.3 MB
orchardup/mysql latest ab3b99429ab1 8 months ago 292.4 MB
orchardup/php5 latest 7113324d9d9e 11 months ago 330.1 MB
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