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Last active Jul 1, 2019
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NodeX code sample: Render staff users list in front-end
<div v-if="users.length">
<table class="table table-stripedno table-borderless table-hover">
<th style="min-width: 8em;">Name</th>
<th>Last signin</th>
v-for="item in users"
<td nowrap="nowrap">
<router-link :to="{ name: 'staffDetail', params: { id: }}"><span v-html=" ? '(empty)'"></span></router-link>
v-bind:href="'mailto:' +"
>{{ }}</a></td>
<td>{{item.permissions.join(', ')}}</td>
<td>{{item.last_signin_date ? day(item.last_signin_date).format(window.DATE_DISPLAY) : 'N/A'}}</td>
</div> <!-- v-if -->
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