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Snippet of ChuckPadServiceTests.m from markcerqueira/hello-chuckpad
// 1 - Create a new user so we can upload patches
XCTestExpectation *expectation1 = [self expectationWithDescription:@"createUser timed out (1)"];
[[ChuckPadSocial sharedInstance] createUser:user.username password:user.password callback:^(BOOL succeeded, NSError *error) {
[self doPostAuthAssertChecks:user];
[expectation1 fulfill];
[self waitForExpectations];
// 2 - Upload a new patch
ChuckPadPatch *localPatch = [ChuckPadPatch generatePatch:@""];
XCTestExpectation *expectation2 = [self expectationWithDescription:@"uploadPatch timed out (2)"];
[[ChuckPadSocial sharedInstance] description:localPatch.patchDescription parent:-1 filename:localPatch.filename fileData:localPatch.fileData callback:^(BOOL succeeded, Patch *patch, NSError *error) {
// Assert our username and owner username of patch match and once we confirm that is the case, update our local
// user object with its user id.
XCTAssertTrue([patch.creatorUsername isEqualToString:user.username]);
[user updateUserId:patch.creatorId];
[self assertPatch:patch localPatch:localPatch isConsistentForUser:user];
[expectation2 fulfill];
[self waitForExpectations];
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