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Removes "Howdy" from the WordPress 3.3 toolbar
Plugin Name: No Howdy
Description: Removes "Howdy, " from the toolbar
Version: 0.1
License: GPL version 2 or any later version
Author: Mark Jaquith
Author URI:
class CWS_No_Howdy {
const howdy = 'Howdy, %1$s';
const no_howdy = '%s';
public function __construct() {
add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'kill_howdy' ) );
public function kill_howdy( $text ) {
if ( self::howdy === $text )
return self::no_howdy;
return $text;
new CWS_No_Howdy;

How about an additional

remove_action( 'admin_bar_menu', array( $this, 'hook_out' ), 9999 );

before line 32?

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