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Mark Hendrickson markmhx

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poteto / FBGroupMemberRemover.js
Last active Sep 11, 2019
Delete everyone from your Facebook group! Thanks for the dark UX, FB
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class FBGroupMemberRemover {
constructor() {
this.adminText = 'Admin';
this.removeMemberModalHeadingText = 'Remove Member';
this.memberElementSelector = '[data-name="GroupProfileGridItem"]';
this.memberContextMenuSelector = 'button[aria-label="Member Settings"]';
this.removeMemberButtonSelector = 'a[data-testid="leave_group"]'
this.removalOptions = {
machty /
Last active Dec 18, 2015
Guide to the Router Facelift

Ember Router Async Facelift

The Ember router is getting number of enhancements that will greatly enhance its power, reliability, predictability, and ability to handle asynchronous loading logic (so many abilities), particularly when used in conjunction with promises, though the API is friendly enough that a deep understanding of promises is not required for the simpler use cases.