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Mark Sherman marksherman

  • Emmanuel College
  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Last active March 28, 2024 15:23
Dr. Mark's Personal Security Tools Hot List Spring '24


Always investigate services you want to use. Read the Terms of Service and/or the Privacy Policy, as they tell you right there what data they'll be collecting from you and how they'll share that data. Always do your own diligence to find the right tools that best fit your life. Here are my recommendations as of March 2024.


Protects from cross-site ad cookies accessing your browsing history, and protects from advertisers collecting 'breadcrumb' data in general.

  1. uBlock Origin - my favorite ad-blocker. Fully open source and community-run. Fast and efficient. Easy to turn off in a pinch.
marksherman /
Last active May 13, 2020 11:17
Projects from Intro to Programming Spring 2020 at Emmanuel College

Introduction to Programming Projects

Emmanuel College IDDS-1101 🔹 Spring 2020 🔹 Professor Mark Sherman

GitHub Try it link Author(s) Isabelle Agostinelli Emily Andrews & Ashley Conti Victoria Servare & Lorhena Antonio Faith Brennan & Jaclyn Kennedy
Marissa Cataldo
marksherman / readings.js
Created October 25, 2019 19:49
Finding the Largest value in an Array (javascript)
var readings = [0, 5, 9, 18, 2, 9, 5];
// find the largest value in the array 'readings'
var max = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < readings.length; i++) {
if (readings[i] > max) {
max = readings[i];
console.log('The highest reading is: ' + max);
#! /usr/bin/env python3
import os
import subprocess
ingore_users = []
def makeCommit(commit_hash, date_unix, date_ISO):
return {'hash' : commit_hash, 'date_unix' : date_unix, 'date_ISO' : date_ISO}
marksherman / gist:7cd4c65c7ef019c5544cfc48c542ea8a
Created June 20, 2016 17:12
Local server on Master: Files API still in use. "Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!"
SEVERE: javax.servlet.ServletContext log: Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call Service method 'public abstract long,long,java.lang.String,boolean,java.lang.String) throws,' threw an unexpected exception:$FeatureNotEnabledException: The Files API is disabled. Further information:
marksherman / samethingas.xml
Last active August 29, 2015 14:27
JSON representation of a simple App Inventor block
<xml xmlns="">
<block type="component_event" id="1" x="311" y="510">
<mutation component_type="Button" instance_name="Button1" event_name="Click"></mutation>
<field name="COMPONENT_SELECTOR">Button1</field>
<statement name="DO">
<block type="component_set_get" id="2" inline="false">
<mutation component_type="Button" set_or_get="set" property_name="FontBold" is_generic="false" instance_name="Button1"></mutation>
<field name="COMPONENT_SELECTOR">Button1</field>
<field name="PROP">FontBold</field>
<value name="VALUE">
marksherman / replmgr.js
Created June 16, 2015 16:12
Test block data polling on change
Blockly.ReplMgr.pollYail = function() {
console.log("Mark! pollYail ran\n");
try {
if (window === undefined) // If window is gone, then we are a zombie timer firing
return; // in a destroyed frame.
} catch (err) { // We get an error on FireFox when window is gone.