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import yaml, os, sys, datetime
# slightly adapted from
def merge(d1, d2, merge_fn=lambda x,y:y):
result = dict(d1)
for k,v in d2.iteritems():
if k in result:
if isinstance(result[k], dict):
print "going in for " + k
result[k] = merge_fn(result[k], v)
print "setting " + k + " with " + str(v)
result[k] = v
print "setting " + k + " with " + str(v)
result[k] = v
return result
if len(sys.argv) <= 2 :
print "fileToPath patch"
inputFilename = sys.argv[1]
patchFilename = sys.argv[2]
print "Patching " + inputFilename + " with " + patchFilename
with open(inputFilename) as f:
originalCfg = yaml.load(f)
with open(inputFilename + ".reformatted", "w") as f:
yaml.dump(originalCfg, f, default_flow_style=False)
with open(patchFilename) as f:
patchCfg = yaml.load(f)
os.rename(inputFilename, inputFilename +
#for level1Keys in patchCfg.keys():
#for level2Keys in level1Keys.keys():
#if level1Keys not in originalCfg
#all[k] = a[k]
rec_merge = lambda x, y: merge(x, y, rec_merge)
patchedConfig = merge (originalCfg, patchCfg, rec_merge)
with open(inputFilename, "w") as f:
yaml.dump(patchedConfig, f, default_flow_style=False)
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