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ExpressVPN + Billion Router Setup

ExpressVPN doesn’t document how to do this, but here’s what worked for me on a bipac-8700vax.

First we need to grab some details to let us set things up

  1. Login to your account on the ExpressVPN site

  2. Go to My Subscriptions > Set up ExpressVPN, it should take you to

  3. Go to Manual Config > PPTP & L2TP-IPSec

  4. Copy the Username, Password

  5. Select the region you are in/want to connect to and copy the hostname. eg

Then we take this info and set up the VPN on the router

  1. Login to the router as the admin user

  2. Go to VPN > PPTP > PPTP Client

  3. Configure a new connection;

    1. Name = Give it a name

    2. WAN Interface = Default

    3. Username = Whatever was provided in step 4 above

    4. Password = Whatever was provided in step 4 above

    5. Auth. Type = MS-CHAPv2 - this is important, Auto did not work for me

    6. PPTP Server Address = Whatever was provided in step 5 above

    7. Connection Type = Remote Access

    8. Time to Connect = Always - assuming you don’t want to have to trigger a manual (re)connect

  4. Add

Now we can start the initial connection and check it

  1. Status > VPN > PPTP

  2. Click the Connect button

  3. Status > Log > System Log - for any diagnostics

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