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Created March 4, 2014 16:26
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# How to install `ipkg` on a Synology DS214
After a couple of days of trying to get `ipkg` woking on my DS214 I found [this article]( by [trepmag]( It is written for the DS213j, but it’s been working for me and [others]( for the DS214 too.
I have done some minor changed to clarify some things, but if you are a Linux guy (unlike me) my changes might be of no use to you.
## Guide
### SSH
You need to have enabled `ssh` on your DiskStation. Then open up your terminal and type:
$ ssh root@[your-ds-ip]
Read more about how to setup SSH on your DiskStation [here](
### Create optware root directory
$ mkdir /volume1/@optware
$ mkdir /opt
$ mount -o bind /volume1/@optware /opt
### Setup ipkg
$ feed=
$ ipk_name=`wget -qO- $feed/Packages | awk '/^Filename: ipkg-opt/ {print $2}'`
$ wget $feed/$ipk_name
$ tar -xOvzf $ipk_name ./data.tar.gz | tar -C / -xzvf -
$ mkdir -p /opt/etc/ipkg
$ echo "src cross $feed" > /opt/etc/ipkg/feeds.conf
### Set PATH
Open `/etc/profile`:
$ vi /etc/profile
Type `i` to enable insertion mode. See more `vi`-commands [here](
Add `/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:` to the `PATH` variable.
Then press `ESC` and press `ZZ` to save and exit.
If you are signed in as `root` as I was, you need to do the same to the `/root/.profile` file - then:
$ source /root/.profile
### Create init scripts
The following steps will allow to automatically bind the /volume1/@optware directory to /opt and trigger the /opt/etc/init.d/* scripts.
Create the /etc/rc.local (chmod 755):
$ touch /etc/rc.local
$ chmod 755 /etc/rc.local
$ vi /etc/rc.local
# Optware setup
[ -x /etc/rc.optware ] && /etc/rc.optware start
Then press `ESC` and press `ZZ` to save and exit.
Create the `/etc/rc.optware` file (chmod 755):
$ touch /etc/rc.optware
$ chmod 755 /etc/rc.optware
$ vi /etc/rc.optware
#! /bin/sh
if test -z "${REAL_OPT_DIR}"; then
# next line to be replaced according to OPTWARE_TARGET
case "$1" in
echo "Starting Optware."
if test -n "${REAL_OPT_DIR}"; then
if ! grep ' /opt ' /proc/mounts >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
mkdir -p /opt
mount -o bind ${REAL_OPT_DIR} /opt
[ -x /opt/etc/rc.optware ] && /opt/etc/rc.optware
echo "Shutting down Optware."
echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|reconfig}"
exit 1
exit 0
(source: a working optware env)
I had trubbles copy/paste this code from Github and insert it into `rc.optware` with the `vi` editor and I had to go line by line to get it in correctly.
### Finaly
Reboot the DiskStation and you should be done!
As I said, I’m not a Linux guy, so if you spot a misstake, please let me know.
I hope this helps!
Good luck!
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Awesome, the detailed steps helped me install it on my station. Thank you so much!

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