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Capybara patch to avoid `'about:blank')` which hangs sometimes.
# Monkey-patch on Capybara!!!
class Capybara::Selenium::Driver < Capybara::Driver::Base
# Patch to avoid `'about:blank')` which hangs sometimes.
def reset!
# Use instance variable directly so we avoid starting the browser just to reset the session
if @browser
begin @browser.manage.delete_all_cookies
rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledError
# delete_all_cookies fails when we've previously gone
# to about:blank, so we rescue this error and do nothing
# instead.
# about:blank is broken for this purpose. Use app's /ping"#{Capybara.app_host}/ping")

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mars commented Aug 13, 2014

Note the "#{Capybara.app_host}/ping" URL should be revised to use a page in your subject app.

This was applied successfully with Capybara 2.1.0

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