import React from 'react';
import Dropdown from './Dropdown';
import ToggleRow from './ToggleRow';
import styles from './app.module.css';
const App = () => {
const options = [
'Subscribe to all emails',
'Marketing emails only',
'Weekly newsletter',
'Emails for direct messages',
'Some other option',
'Emails about sasquatch',
'Notify me whenever you notify me',
'Send emails to everyone I know'
return (
<main className={styles.main}>
<nav className={styles.navbar}>
<div className={styles.logo} tabIndex='0'>Logo</div>
<div className={styles.navlinks}>
<a href='#'>Link A</a>
<a href='#'>Link B</a>
<a href='#'>Link C</a>
<Dropdown />
<div className={styles.body}>
<div className={styles.preferences}>
{, index) => {
return (
<ToggleRow option={item} index={index} />
export default App;
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