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Parse DayOne and OhLife journal exports and save them to files that can be piped to jrnl.
;; Usage: execute each statement in a boot ( REPL, adjust as needed
(set-env! :dependencies '[[org.clojure/data.xml "0.2.0-alpha2"]
[clj-time "0.13.0"]])
(require '[ :as io]
'[ :as xml]
'[clojure.string :as string]
'[clj-time.format :as f])
;; Some basic utilities to parse dayone and ohlife exports and import them into jrnl
(def do-entries
(->> (io/file "/Users/martin/Documents/dayone-entries/")
(filter #(.endsWith (.getName %) "doentry"))))
(def mapping
{"Creation Date" :created-at
"Entry Text" :text
"Starred" :starred
"Tags" :tags
"Time Zone" :time-zone
"UUID" :uuid})
(defn content [x]
(case (:tag x)
(:string :key) (do (assert (= 1 (-> x :content count)))
(-> x :content first))
:date (do (assert (= 1 (-> x :content count)))
(f/parse (f/formatters :date-time-no-ms)
(-> x :content first)))
:array (do (assert (= 0 (-> x :content count)) (pr-str (:content x)))
:false false
:true true))
(defn parse-dayone [file]
(let [pairs (->> (xml/parse ( (slurp file)))
:content first :content (partition 2))]
(fn [m [k v]]
(assoc m (->> k content (get mapping)) (-> v content)))
(def jrnl-dir
(io/file "/Users/martin/Documents/do-jrnl-entries/"))
(def jrnl-date-formatter
(f/formatter "MM/dd/yyyy"))
(def jrnl-time-formatter
(f/formatter "hh:mm"))
(defn write-jrnl [day-one-files]
(doseq [f day-one-files]
(let [parsed (parse-dayone f)
jrnl-f (str (.getName f) ".jrnl")
jrnl-str (str (f/unparse jrnl-date-formatter (:created-at parsed))
" at "
(f/unparse jrnl-time-formatter (:created-at parsed))
(when (:starred parsed) "*")
": "
(:text parsed))]
(println "Writing" jrnl-f)
(spit (io/file jrnl-dir jrnl-f)
;; oh-life
(def ohlife-file
(io/file "/Users/martin/Documents/ohlife_20130514.txt"))
(defn lines-by-date [ohlife-file]
(-> (fn [m l]
(if-let [date (some->> (re-find #"^\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d$" l)
(f/parse (f/formatters :date)))]
(assoc m date [] :current date)
(update m (:current m) conj l)))
(reduce {} (line-seq (io/reader ohlife-file)))
(dissoc :current)))
(defn write-jrnl-from-oh-life [ohlife-file]
(doseq [[date lines] (lines-by-date ohlife-file)]
(spit (io/file "ohlife-jrnl-entries" (str (f/unparse (f/formatters :date) date) ".jrnl"))
(str (f/unparse jrnl-date-formatter date) ": "
(string/join "\n" (drop-while string/blank? lines))))))
(parse-dayone (first do-entries))
(write-jrnl (take 1 do-entries))
(def test-date
(f/parse "2013-05-22T10:16:46Z"))
(f/unparse jrnl-date-formatter test-date)
;; (:content (xml/parse ( sample)))
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