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My cljdoc August Update for ClojuristsTogether

I switched the storage layer. SQLite is now used instead of lib-grimoire. More details in the respective architecture decision record: ADR-0013

This was a lot of work but it sets the project up for more interesting extensions besides API documentation and articles (think specs & examples).

Also I looked more into integrating specs but without changes to spec it is impossible to determine if a spec originates from the artefact that is being analysed or from one of it's dependencies. To fix this specs will need to support metadata (CLJ-2194) but the timeline for this is unclear.

In the light of this I'm considering focusing on examples first. More details to come.

Some more minor things that happened:

  • I printed stickers which I'm planning to send to contributors.
  • Bozhidar likes favicons so I added one :)
  • Work is underway to integrate cljdoc into Dash
  • Various fixes to the analyser code, mostly to eliminate slight differences between Clojure and ClojureScript as well as some dependency related improvements.
  • I shipped a quick switcher (demo) that allows you to switch between projects that you opened recently. I hope to expand this to quickly finding vars, namespaces and articles in the current project.

I'll also be at ClojuTRE next week. Say hi if you're around! 👋

Oh and after ClojuTRE I'll be on a sailboat for two weeks so there will be less activity than usual.

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