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Created Feb 10, 2017
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* NOTE: this ADO uses shell calls to run `rm`, so it could potentally delete files
* from your computer. Use at your own risk.
cap drop program loadsql
program define loadsql
*! Load the output of an SQL file into Stata, version 1.3 (
*! Based on
version 14.1
syntax using/, DSN(string) [User(string) Password(string) CLEAR NOQuote LOWercase SQLshow ALLSTRing DATESTRing]
tempname mysqlfile exec line;
!cat "`using'" | ruby -e "print^\s+--.*$/, '').gsub(/\s+/, ' ')" > "`using'_oneline";
file open `mysqlfile' using `"`using'_oneline"', read text;
file read `mysqlfile' `line';
while r(eof)==0 {;
local `exec' `"``exec'' ``line''"';
file read `mysqlfile' `line';
file close `mysqlfile';
!rm "`using'_oneline";
odbc load, exec(`"``exec''"') dsn(`"`dsn'"') user(`"`user'"') password(`"`password'"') `clear' `noquote' `lowercase' `sqlshow' `allstring' `datestring';
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