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Merging Nessus Files
# file:
# based off:
# by: mastahyeti
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
import shutil
import os
first = 1
for fileName in os.listdir("."):
if ".nessus" in fileName:
print(":: Parsing", fileName)
if first:
mainTree = etree.parse(fileName)
report = mainTree.find('Report')
report.attrib['name'] = 'Merged Report'
first = 0
tree = etree.parse(fileName)
for host in tree.findall('.//ReportHost'):
existing_host = report.find(".//ReportHost[@name='"+host.attrib['name']+"']")
if not existing_host:
print "adding host: " + host.attrib['name']
for item in host.findall('ReportItem'):
if not existing_host.find("ReportItem[@port='"+ item.attrib['port'] +"'][@pluginID='"+ item.attrib['pluginID'] +"']"):
print "adding finding: " + item.attrib['port'] + ":" + item.attrib['pluginID']
print(":: => done.")
if "nss_report" in os.listdir("."):
mainTree.write("nss_report/report.nessus", encoding="utf-8", xml_declaration=True)

Are you aware of any file size limitations? I have 200 files I'm attempting to combine that total 2GB.

This does not work with python2.6 which is still the most installed version in production environment. Knowing no python, I'm doomed :-) I tried this, but it's growing over my head:

JonoDZ commented Apr 5, 2016

This is great for smaller files, but i have 40 reports that push through to a 1Gb .nessus file. it takes a good 5Gb of RAM to run this. if anyone knows of a script that uses iterparse (or similar), it would be great to see.

xcabax commented Sep 28, 2016

This works perfect. I merged 56 reports with more than 25,000 hosts.

Sendarg commented Apr 1, 2017


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