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# vim: noai:ts=4:sw=4:expandtab:syntax=python
import re
from xbotpp.modules import Module
class lolcrypt(Module):
Provide lolcryption.
def __init__(self):
def action(self, bot, event, args, buf):
Lolcrypt the given arguments, or the buffer (if present)
Pass "-d" as the first parameter to de-lolcrypt.
if len(args) is 0 and buf == "":
return "%slolcrypt [-d] <text> or %scommand | lolcrypt [-d]" % (,
delol = (len(args) != 0 and args[0] == "-d")
cipher = list("aeioubcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz")
text = buf if buf != "" else " ".join(args[1:]) if delol else " ".join(args[0:])
mod = lambda a, n: ((a%n)+n)%n
buf = ""
for char in text:
caps = re.match("[A-Z]", char)
char = char.lower()
if not char in cipher:
buf += char.upper() if caps else char
i = cipher.index(char)
if re.match("[" + "".join(cipher[0:5]) + "]", char):
if delol:
char = cipher[mod(i-2,5)]
char = cipher[(i+2)%5]
if delol:
char = cipher[mod(i-15,21)+5]
char = cipher[(i+5)%21+5]
buf += char.upper() if caps else char
return buf
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