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@master5o1 master5o1/fizzbuzz es6
Last active Aug 20, 2019

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Displays FizzBuzz without containing the string "Fizz" or "Buzz". Reads the source and extracts the characters from the destructured function parameters.
const GO=( F,i,z,{[z[0 ]]:B},u, zz)=>B((F% u?'':GO[z [u/ u]] ()[z[zz- zz/zz]](u-
u,u **u +zz -zz )[z [u] ](z [zz ],'' )[
z[/* **/ zz- u/u] ](u -u, zz- u/u ))+ (F%
zz?'':GO[z [u/ u]] ()[ z[zz-zz/ zz] ](u -u,u **u
+zz -zz )[z [u] ](z [zz ],'' )[z [zz -u/
u]] (zz -u/ u)) ||F )|| F< zz** u-u **u
+zz -u?GO(F+1,i ,z,i[z[u- zz/zz]],u ,zz):null ;//)[z[z z-u/u]])[ z[zz-u/u]
GO(1,this,['log', 'toString', 'console', 'replace', 'substring', /[^a-z]/gi],console,3,5);
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