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def _full_path(self, partial, useFallBack=False):
if partial.startswith("/"):
partial = partial[1:]
# Find out the real path. If has been requesetd for a fallback path,
# use it
path = primaryPath = os.path.join(
self.fallbackPath if useFallBack else self.root, partial)
# If the pah does not exists and we haven't been asked for the fallback path
# try to look on the fallback filessytem
if not os.path.exists(primaryPath) and not useFallBack:
path = fallbackPath = os.path.join(self.fallbackPath, partial)
# If the path does not exists neither in the fallback fielsysem
# it's likely to be a write operation, so use the primary
# filesystem... unless the path to get the file exists in the
# fallbackFS!
if not os.path.exists(fallbackPath):
# This is probabily a write operation, so prefer to use the
# primary path either if the directory of the path exists in the
# primary FS or not exists in the fallback FS
primaryDir = os.path.dirname(primaryPath)
fallbackDir = os.path.dirname(fallbackPath)
if os.path.exists(primaryDir) or not os.path.exists(fallbackDir):
path = primaryPath
return path
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