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F# Meetup activities planning, Jul 2017

Reboot meetings, aiming for regularity: alternate monthly, 1 talk, 1 hands-on, 1 breakfast. Tentatively: Aug: hands-on (Slack bot) Sep: rehearsal / teaser for the open fsharp conference Oct: breakfast? Nov: hands-on (F# Notebooks + ML)

Use Github more: we have an organization,, let's use it.

Topics / Speakers / Formats Talks: how to use some language features (ex: Discriminated Unions) Talks: advanced, where are the language limits (ex: Type Providers) "Bring a problem": instead of a talk, present an issue you are struggling with, and see what solutions the group can come up with Coding under constraint: solve this problem without using built-in modules like List Coding as live performance: coding relay, kata in the hat, ...

Open Source day / Dugnad Organize an event fixing bugs in OSS projects Rely on Up-For-Grabs (

Diversity/Inclusion Try to engage with diversity-focused meetups, and/or meetups in non-IT areas Organize joint event to assist with programming tasks, not necessarily F# specific

Question Should we try 2 talks ~ 30 minutes instead of 1? Should we try joint meetups with other groups around a programming theme? Should we have these informal planning meetings, say, 2x a year?


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@jackfoxy jackfoxy commented Aug 2, 2017

I would like the SF F# Meetup to evolve into addressing the meta concerns of F#. (What do I mean by this and how can we do it?)

As one of the mature F# user groups we can lead the way for other groups to evolve into an organization that works closely and cooperates with the F# Foundation, DotNet Foundation, MS Microsoft team, DotNet team, VS team, Don, et al.

Let's start by evolving our monthly meetup into a meeting, with agenda and action items. Let's devote a portion of our meetings to mob programming solutions that benefit the F# community. This can potentially spill over to the code breakfasts. We can still involve newbies by providing office hours for tutoring during the meeting, etc., and invite compelling speakers, when available.

  1. The F# Foundation is working towards community driven agenda items. Let's discuss and come to a consensus on the agenda item(s) we would like to present to the next board meeting.

  2. Documentation is something every project can do better. Let's reach out to projects and discuss whether we can mob program documentation enhancements that we submit as PRs.

  3. Let's work with Reed and the Board on mob programming enhancements to the website as PRs.

  4. Let's mob program selections of F# snippets for MSDN documentation (when the docs can finally accept F#).

  5. Let's maintain a page on that is a synopsis of the latest roadmap from Phillip Carter, Forki, Cristof, et al.

  6. Let's include some lightning talks from members in our meetings.

  7. Let's leave our meetings with action items (e.g. tidy up and submit a PR we collaborated on), and have an agenda before the meeting starts.

  8. I'm willing to lead a mob programming where I demonstrate how easy it is to convert a project to Project Scaffold format so that it supports pretty, familiar documentation format, consistently structured build script, and (importantly) does not lose Git history. I'm thinking for this (hello @TIHan).

  9. Does F# Foundation own GitHub/FsProjects? It needs some clean-up. There are "experimental" projects which have clearly been abandoned, and others that need documentation. This would be a good issue for us to present together to the F# Foundation board.


  1. review progress on action items from last meeting

  2. Work on FAKE 5.0 documentation, determine issues we want to submit to project

  3. New action items

  4. Lightning talks

  5. Drinks


The activity of mob programming documentation enhancements is admittedly something entirely new and unproven, but I think it has the potential to be a fun educational activity, where everyone has the chance to contribute by telling something they know, asking questions they would like to ask, and discovering answers.


Let's use to track our agendas, action items, and progress on contributions


The topic of outreach is big and complex. We should encourage individual effort on this point. By working with our partners at the F# Foundation and Microsoft to make F# better for the existing community we contribute (albeit in a small way) to outreach.


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@jackfoxy jackfoxy commented Aug 2, 2017

It would be interesting to work with some of the other meetups, especially Azure and .NET, to work on group content creation like this.

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