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Mathias Brandewinder mathias-brandewinder

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open System
open System.Collections.Generic
open System.IO
open CNTK
let dataFolder = @"E:\Temp\CNTK\Tests\EndToEndTests\Text\SequenceClassification\Data"
let inputDim = 2000
swlaschin /
Last active Jul 10, 2017
Functional Track talks from NDC London 2017

Functional Track talks from NDC London 2017

Also, here is the list of all videos from NDC London 2017:

Wednesday 2017-01-18

View fparsec_compile_quotations.fs
open FSharp.Quotations
let rec getMethodInfo = function
| Patterns.Call(_,``method``,_) -> ``method``
| Patterns.Lambda(_,body) -> getMethodInfo body
| _ -> failwith "Unexpected Form"
let getGenericMethodInfo functionExpression =
let methodInfo = getMethodInfo functionExpression
if methodInfo.IsGenericMethod then

A response to

Why my F# projects don't use RavenDB, or the cost of the esoteric choice

As you know, I generally recommend using SqlServer for data storage.

But many people have suggested that using RavenDB rather than SqlServer would dramatically reduce the development effort.

My reply to that was that using RavenDB would also lead to a lot more complexity, reduced support by other teams, harder to find DBAs and increased costs all around.

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#r "../packages/Selenium.WebDriver.2.42.0/lib/net40/WebDriver.dll"
#r "../packages/Selenium.Support.2.42.0/lib/net40/WebDriver.Support.dll"
#r "../packages/Newtonsoft.Json.6.0.1/lib/net40/Newtonsoft.Json.dll"
#r "../packages/SizSelCsZzz."
#r "../packages/canopy.0.9.11/lib/canopy.dll"
open canopy
start firefox
natw /
Created Nov 15, 2012
best fizzbuzz
import random
for i in range(0, 100):
if not i % 15:
print [i+1, "Fizz", "Buzz", "FizzBuzz"][random.randint(0,3)]
View MongoDB and F#
#I @"C:\Tools\MongoDB-CSharp\MongoDB.Linq\bin\Debug"
#r "MongoDB.Driver.dll"
#r "MongoDB.Linq.dll"
#r "FSharp.PowerPack.Linq.dll"
#r "System.Core.dll"
open System
open MongoDB.Driver