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Last active Dec 24, 2015
Producing and saving R charts from F# using the R Type Provider, based on
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Quickstart: Creating Charts
One of the compelling features of R is its ability to create beautiful charts.
With the R Type Provider, you can use all of R capabilities from F#, and create simple charts quickly to explore and visualize your data on-the-fly, as well as generate publication quality graphics that can be exported to virtually any format.
Charts Basics
Basic charts can be found in the graphics package. Assuming you installed the R Type Provider in your project from NuGet, you can reference the required libraries and packages this way:
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#r @"..\packages\R.NET.1.5.5\lib\net40\RDotNet.dll"
#r @"..\packages\RDotNet.FSharp.\lib\net40\RDotNet.FSharp.dll"
#r @"..\packages\R.NET.1.5.5\lib\net40\RDotNet.NativeLibrary.dll"
#r @"..\packages\RProvider.1.0.2\lib\RProvider.dll"
open System
open RDotNet
open RProvider
open RProvider.``base``
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let source = __SOURCE_DIRECTORY__
#load "NaiveBayes.fs"
open MachineLearning.NaiveBayes
open System
open System.IO
open System.Text
open System.Text.RegularExpressions
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open System.IO
type Image = int []
type Observation = { Label:int; Pixels:Image }
type Model = Image -> int
let euclDistance (img1:Image) (img2:Image) =
(img1,img2) ||> Seq.map2 (fun x y -> (x-y) * (x-y)) |> Seq.sum
let train trainingSet =
View Deedle and R
#I @"c:\users\mathias\documents\visual studio 2013\Projects\Chapter3\packages\"
#r @"R.NET.1.5.5\lib\net40\RDotNet.dll"
#r @"RDotNet.FSharp.\lib\net40\RDotNet.FSharp.dll"
#r @"R.NET.1.5.5\lib\net40\RDotNet.NativeLibrary.dll"
#r @"RProvider.1.0.5\lib\RProvider.dll"
open RDotNet
open RProvider
open RProvider.``base``
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#r @"Deedle.0.9.12\lib\net40\Deedle.dll"
#r @"Deedle.RPlugin.0.9.12\lib\net40\Deedle.RProvider.Plugin.dll"
open Deedle
open Deedle.RPlugin
let codesSeries =
countries |> (fun c -> c.Code) |> Seq.toList,
countries |> (fun c -> c.Code) |> Seq.toList)
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#r "/home/you/src/thisthing/lib/JSONNet/Newtonsoft.Json.dll"
open System
open System.Collections.Generic // for dictionary
open Newtonsoft.Json
// Identifier type
type Id = System.Guid
module EventStore =
View logistic.fsx
type Vec = float []
let f (X:Vec) (W:Vec) =
(X,W) ||> Array.map2 (fun x w -> x * w)
let g z = 1. / (1. + exp (-z))
let dg z = g(z) * (1. - g(z))
let h (X:Vec) (W:Vec) = g (f X W |> Seq.sum)
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#r @"../packages/Streams.0.2.0/lib/Streams.Core.dll"
open Nessos.Streams.Core
open System.IO
Original file here: 50,000 scans of digits
Col 1 is the actual number, rest is 28x28 pixels, grayscale encoded
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open System.Drawing
let brightness (c:Color) = c.GetBrightness ()
let pixels (bmp:Bitmap) =
seq { for x in 0 .. bmp.Width - 1 do
for y in 0 .. bmp.Height - 1 ->
(x,y) |> bmp.GetPixel }
let breakpoint (bmp:Bitmap) =