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This bash script helps downloading a whole subreddit wiki. Thanks to u/ThePixelHunter ( for the original script adapted to work on Windows machine with added line 10.
#! /bin/bash
set -x
# Requires: bash coreutils curl jq
while read -r line; do
SUBREDDIT=`echo $SUBREDDIT | sed 's/\\r//g'`
while read -r line; do
PAGE="$line" ; PAGE=$(echo $PAGE | sed 's|\/|\-\-|g')
mkdir -p "./$EXPORTDIR/$SUBREDDIT/wiki/$PAGE"
curl -s --user-agent "$USER_AGENT" "$SUBREDDIT/wiki/$PAGE.json" > "./$EXPORTDIR/$SUBREDDIT/wiki/$PAGE.json"
printf "$SUBREDDIT/wiki/$PAGE " ; echo $?
jq -r '.data.content_md' "./$EXPORTDIR/$SUBREDDIT/wiki/$PAGE.json" > "./$EXPORTDIR/$SUBREDDIT/wiki/$"
find . -type d -exec rmdir '{}' \; > /dev/null 2>&1
done < <(curl -S --user-agent "$USER_AGENT" "$SUBREDDIT/wiki/pages.json" | jq -r '.data | .[]')
done < subreddits.list
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mathisgauthey commented Aug 8, 2022

Basic idea :


It exports to a directory structure of each subreddit's wiki, leaving behind a json (raw API response) and markdown (raw wiki page text) file for each wiki page.

The script expects a subreddits.list file in the format:


...separated by unix newlines \n, not Windows newlines \r\n.

There's no error handling, and you'll definitely hit the API rate limits at some point.

Edit that I made to work on Windows with git-bash or WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) :

SUBREDDIT=`echo $SUBREDDIT | sed 's/\\r//g'`

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