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userscript: Drop the UTM params from a URL when the page loads
// ==UserScript==
// @name UTM param stripper
// @author Paul Irish
// @namespace
// @version 1.1
// @description Drop the UTM params from a URL when the page loads.
// @extra Cuz you know they're all ugly n shit.
// @include http://*
// ==/UserScript==
// Install instruction!!!!
// Click `raw` in the top right on this gist!
if (/utm_/.test( && window.history.replaceState){
// thx @cowboy for the revised hash param magic.
var oldUrl = location.href;
var newUrl = oldUrl.replace(/\?([^#]*)/, function(_, search) {
search = search.split('&').map(function(v) {
return !/^utm_/.test(v) && v;
}).filter(Boolean).join('&'); // omg filter(Boolean) so dope.
return search ? '?' + search : '';
if ( newUrl != oldUrl ) {
window.history.replaceState({},'', newUrl);
// also..
// drop this into your own site, in case people link to you with
// email newsletters or your rss feed's feedburner tracking or whatever.
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