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use strict;
use warnings;
use Time::HiRes 'sleep'; #1秒未満のsleepを使いたい
my $PFETCH = 'pfetch';
my @LIST=('alpine','android','arch','arco','artix','centos','debian','dragonfly','elementary','fedora','freebsd','gentoo','guixsd','haiku','hyperbola','lite','linux','macos','mageia','manjaro','mint','minix','mx','netbsd','nixos','openbsd','suse','parabola','pop!_os','pureos','slackware','sunos','ubuntu','void');
print "start\n";
foreach my $dist ( sort @LIST ){
my $pfetch = `clear`;
$pfetch .= "$dist\n";
$pfetch .= `PF_INFO=ascii PF_ASCII=$dist $PFETCH`;
print $pfetch;
`PF_INFO=ascii pfetch > /dev/null`; #時間調整
print "end";
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