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Created Sep 18, 2020
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$ time sudo ddrescue -n -v /dev/sda ./sda.dd ./sda.dd.log
GNU ddrescue 1.23
About to copy 250059 MBytes from '/dev/sda' to './sda.dd'
Starting positions: infile = 0 B, outfile = 0 B
Copy block size: 128 sectors Initial skip size: 4992 sectors
Sector size: 512 Bytes
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
ipos: 250059 MB, non-trimmed: 0 B, current rate: 13492 kB/s
opos: 250059 MB, non-scraped: 0 B, average rate: 10338 kB/s
non-tried: 0 B, bad-sector: 0 B, error rate: 0 B/s
rescued: 250059 MB, bad areas: 0, run time: 6h 43m 7s
pct rescued: 100.00%, read errors: 0, remaining time: n/a
time since last successful read: n/a
real 403m10.571s
user 0m26.397s
sys 16m4.054s
# Mapfile. Created by GNU ddrescue version 1.23
# Command line: ddrescue -n -v /dev/sda ./sda.dd sda.dd.log
# Start time: 2020-09-17 20:52:17
# Current time: 2020-09-18 03:35:28
# Finished
# current_pos current_status current_pass
0x3A38B20000 + 1
# pos size status
0x00000000 0x3A38B2E000 +
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