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Changes in v1.4 of Mod Picker.


  • Added related mod notes. You can now recommend mods be used together or suggest alternative mods.
  • Added support for an optional mod details tab. The tab can be used to display a short plaintext description, support/issue tracker links, a notice message, and license information. The tab can only be enabled/disabled by mod authors.
  • Added Help Video pages to the Help Center with fully functioning navigation.
  • Added a way to move mod list mod/tool grid items by directly editing the index. Select and change the index in edit mode and press "Enter" to apply it. Unfocus the index to discard any index changes. Press Shift+Enter to change the item and skip scrolling.
  • Added mod licensing wizard to the legal center to help mod authors choose licenses for their mods.


  • Fixed issue with LoverInfo url method
  • Now validating contributions on a timeout to reduce input lag.
  • Added missing "Helper" role filter to users index
  • Fixed application of folder icons in analysis file trees
  • Added ES6 polyfills
  • Hotfixed help page game images for SSE and Morrowind (01/23)
  • Hotfixed unsetting active mod list (01/25)
  • Hotfixed issue with creating a new mod list (01/25)
  • Hotfixed edit mod page source links (01/25)

UX Improvements

  • Index page filter sections can now be minimize/expanded
  • Added sidekiq web interface (accessible only to admins)
  • Added note to custom mod/plugin items specifying that they are custom items. The note displays on both grid and list view.
  • Contribution submission text editor now has a character counter in the lower right-hand corner which specifies the minimum characters required for the submission to be valid.
  • Added error tooltips which display when a user hasn't properly specified mods, mod options, or plugins for compatibility, install order, load order, or related mod notes.


  • Created mod list data route for internal mod list setup utility testing
  • Created mod list data route for STEP guide development
  • Remove hash from URLs, fixed non-plural "show" routes, and added redirects
  • Refactored tab/column css
  • Fixed issues with scheduled tasks
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