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What would you like to do?
- Life in Japan
- New jobs
- Coaching: workflow, scrum, kanban
- Work from home
2 years ago, total remote was a little weird. No longer
Setup for toronto was pretty easy, billing is a little unclear
Shifting things for tax reasons
"The Dutch Sandwich"
Gather town native client, APIs, building fax machines or coffee ordering integrations
SSO pains
Web3 for identity would be great
Keybase was almost that, but they got bought :(
Mastodon, actually distributed but not a lot of people compelled to use
Markdown, MDX, ... latex?
Everyone reinventing everything in every language
How is latex still slow on a 5Ghz machine. How much is expecation vs actual slow down?
The bureucratic mission - expand even if there's no logical explanation for it
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