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Embed a Formstack form asynchronously, using Postscribe
<!-- Main form wrapper, required for styling the form -->
<div class="webform">
<!-- Empty div (must have a unique ID), into which the form will be loaded -->
<div id="formstack-bridal-appointment"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
// Only run the code below when jQuery says the document is ready
(function($) {
// Process the form using postscribe:
// 1. Must reference the unique ID of the div above
// 2. Must contain the embed URL from Formstack
// 3. Must contain the selectBoxes() function in the `done` callback to style any select lists in the form
postscribe('#formstack-bridal-appointment', '<script src=//><\/script>', {
done: function() {
// Style select lists
$('.webform select').selectBoxes();
// ]]></script>

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@tmilewski tmilewski commented Apr 29, 2019

@matt-bailey Did you happen to have any issues around inline validations with this method?


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@matt-bailey matt-bailey commented Apr 30, 2019

@tmilewski I'm pretty sure it all worked ok at the time, but it was a while ago and I haven't revisited the project since.


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@tmilewski tmilewski commented Apr 30, 2019

@matt-bailey Thanks for the reply. After spending a bit of time trying to get it all to work, we wound up using the iframe. 🤷, haha.

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