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Open for consultation , Freelance and excited to collaborate and contribute


Open for consultation , Freelance and excited to collaborate and contribute
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View jwt +passport auth
function isAuth(req, res, next) {
var token = req.body.token || req.param('token') || req.headers['x-access-token'];
//check whether request has token !
if (token != undefined) {
// decode token
if (token) {
// verifies secret and checks exp
View angular-selector.js
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
* Angular Material Design
* @license MIT
* v1.1.1
(function( window, angular, undefined ){
"use strict";
matt212 / rename primary script.sql
Last active May 22, 2017
after mysql migration to postgres restarting primary key sequences and most importantly retaining older data for referential integrity aspect !
View rename primary script.sql
--create new column to create sequences
alter table modnames add id serial;
---update new column serial column with existing value
UPDATE modnames m
SET id = m0.modnameid
FROM modnames m0
where m.modnameid=m0.modnameid
---now tricky part is to tell new serial to start from max(existingid) for referential integrity
---to figure out your serial sequence
View postgresql-simple-example
echo '{
"type" : "jdbc",
"jdbc" : {
View elastic.yml
bootstrap.memory_lock: false elasticsearch
http.port: 9200 true
node.ingest: true
node.master: true
node.max_local_storage_nodes: 1 MEH C:\ProgramData\Elastic\Elasticsearch\data
path.logs: C:\ProgramData\Elastic\Elasticsearch\logs
View jdbc log file
[20:19:00,649][INFO ][importer.jdbc ][pool-2-thread-1] strategy standard: settings = {index_settings.elasticsearch.cluster=elasticsearch,, index_settings.elasticsearch.port=9200, index_settings.index.number_of_shards=10, password=abc123, sql=select * from srt, url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/demodb?loglevel=0, user=postgres}, context = org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardContext@b174f2c
[20:19:00,657][INFO ][importer.jdbc.context.standard][pool-2-thread-1] found sink class org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardSink@15919ffa
[20:19:00,662][INFO ][importer.jdbc.context.standard][pool-2-thread-1] found source class org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardSource@db207f0
[20:19:00,694][INFO ][org.xbib.elasticsearch.helper.client.BaseTransportClient][pool-2-thread-1] creating transport client on Windows 8.1 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_131-b11 25.131-b11 with effective settings {
matt212 / search.js
Last active Jul 12, 2017
index is required !
View search.js
var elasticsearch = require('elasticsearch');
var ElasticsearchWritableStream = require('elasticsearch-writable-stream');
var connections = require('./config/db');
var client = new elasticsearch.Client({
host: 'localhost:9200',
log: 'trace'
requestTimeout: 30000,
View limits.conf
#elasticsearch - nofile 65535
#elasticsearch - memlock unlimited
# /etc/security/limits.conf
#Each line describes a limit for a user in the form:
#<domain> <type> <item> <value>
#<domain> can be:
matt212 / COPY postgres
Last active Jul 31, 2017
not working postgres
View COPY postgres
COPY srt (starttime, endtime) FROM STDIN delimiters E'\t'
1 4
6 12.074
13.138 16.183
17.226 21.605
22.606 24.733
24.816 27.027
31.657 33.617
34.66 37.204
matt212 / pg-writable-stream.js
Last active Aug 1, 2017
promise based codeflow for unziping , reading, formating and bulk streaming into postgres
View pg-writable-stream.js
/*my normal promise function looks like this
normalfunc.then(function (data){
}).error(function (){
function normalfunc(data)
return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {