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diff -rupN toggl-desktop_current_i386/DEBIAN/postinst toggl-desktop_current_i386_new/DEBIAN/postinst
--- toggl-desktop_current_i386/DEBIAN/postinst 2011-12-11 11:20:42.000000000 -0700
+++ toggl-desktop_current_i386_new/DEBIAN/postinst 2011-12-11 11:24:50.000000000 -0700
@@ -10,10 +10,13 @@ if [ ! -x "$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" ]; then
echo "Error: Could not find xdg-icon-resource" >&2
exit 1
-for icon in "/opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_"*.png; do
- size="${icon##*/product_logo_}"
- "$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size "${size%.png}" "$icon" "toggl-desktop"
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 128 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_128.png toggl-desktop
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 16 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_16.png toggl-desktop
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 22 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_22.png toggl-desktop
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 24 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_24.png toggl-desktop
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 256 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_256.png toggl-desktop
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 32 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_32.png toggl-desktop
+"$XDG_ICON_RESOURCE" install --size 64 /opt/toggl/toggl-desktop/product_logo_64.png toggl-desktop
# Add an entry to the system menu
XDG_DESKTOP_MENU="`which xdg-desktop-menu 2> /dev/null`"
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