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Quotebook 2.0 URL Scheme

General Navigation

  • quotebook:// — Opens the app
  • quotebook://quotes — Goes to the Quotes Tab
  • quotebook://authors — Goes to the Authors Tab
  • quotebook://sources — Goes to the Sources Tab
  • quotebook://tags — Goes to the Tags tab

Adding Quotes

  • quotebook://add?quote=Stay%20Hungry.%20Stay%20Foolish.&author=Steve%20Jobs&source=Whole%20Earth%20Catalog&rating=5
    • Adds a quote "Stay Hungry. Stay foolish." to the user's Quotebook with the author Steve Jobs, the source Whole Earth Catalog with a rating of 5 stars.
    • The rating must be between 0 and 5.
    • The author and source may be names, twitter usernames prefixed by an @, or URLs.
    • All of these parameters are optional except for quote which is required. Any unused or blank parameter need not be included.
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