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Some nested dictionaries in Python, say from a XML have https entries in many tags. this method cleans them up.
def deep_clean(element, damn): # the values have the annoying {http} field this removes them.
if isinstance(element, dict):
return {k.replace(damn, '').replace('@', '').replace('#', ''): deep_clean(element[k], damn) for k in
elif isinstance(element, list):
return [deep_clean(e, damn) for e in element]
elif isinstance(element, str):
if re.fullmatch('\d*', element):
return int(element)
elif re.fullmatch('-?\+?\d*\.?\d*e?\d*', element):
return float(element)
return element.replace(damn, '') # there should not be a damn
return element
except ValueError:
return element
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