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wallaby accounting group porcelain
This is porcelain for managing an AccountingGroups feature.
The AccountingGroups feature should be independently added to nodes
potentially running a condor_negotiator.
A group: Name (str), Static (int), Dynamic (float), Surplus (tri)
A name: may have multiple dots (.), e.g. A, A.B, B, C, C.D,
representing a Parent.Child relationship
Static and Dynamic are mutually exclusive
Surplus is Yes/No/Default
Invariants -
. If a group's name has a dot, a corresponding parent group exists
. Static and Dynamic are mutually exclusive
. Peer percentages sum to at most 1 (aka 100%)
Notes -
. Param GROUP_NAMES is a string-list of all group names
. GROUP_QUOTA_<Name> is static quota
. GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC_<Name> is dynamic quota (1 = 100%)
. GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS is global default
. GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS_<Name> is group setting
Operations -
. show-accounting-groups
- Display accounting groups configuration
. add-accounting-group NAME <--static #|--dynamic %> [--surplus|--no-surplus]
- Add an accounting group to the configuration
. remove-accounting-group NAME
- Remove an accounting group from configuration
. modify-accounting-group NAME <--static #|--dynamic %> [--surplus|--no-surplus]
- Modify an accounting group's configuration (effectively remove + add)
. set-group-accept-surplus <Yes|No>
- Set the default surplus for all groups
Example usage -
wallaby set-group-accept-surplus yes
wallaby add-accounting-group Status --static 100
wallaby add-accounting-group Status.Reporting --dynamic 50 --surplus
wallaby add-accounting-group Research --dynamic 75.5 --no-surplus
wallaby add-accounting-group Development --dynamic 10
wallaby add-accounting-group Development.Systems --static 10 --no-surplus
wallaby show-accounting-groups
Name Static Dynamic Surplus
---- ------ ------- -------
Status 100 Yes
`Reporting 50% Yes
Research 75.5% No
Development 10% Yes
`Systems 10 No
wallaby show-feature AccountingGroups
name: "AccountingGroups"
params: {"GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS"=>"TRUE","GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS_Research"=>"FALSE","GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC_Status.Reporting"=>"0.5","GROUP_QUOTA_Status"=>"100","GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC_Development"=>"0.1","GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS_Status.Reporting"=>"TRUE","GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC_Research"=>"0.755","GROUP_QUOTA_Development.Systems"=>"10","GROUP_NAMES"=>"Status,Research,Status.Reporting,Development.Systems,Development,Research"}
depends: []
conflicts: []
included_features: []
annotation: ""
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