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Hw Lock Ctrl Driver Interface
* @brief HwLockCtrlSelfTestResult enumerates possible self test results.
typedef enum HwLockCtrlSelfTestResult
} HwLockCtrlSelfTestResultT;
* @brief HwLockCtrlInit initializes the driver. Lock state is undefined.
* @return true - initialization completed successfully. false - some error.
bool HwLockCtrlInit();
* @brief HwLockCtrlLock locks the lock.
* @return true - lock operation completed successfully. false - some error.
bool HwLockCtrlLock();
* @brief HwLockCtrlUnlock unlocks the lock.
* @return true - unlock operation completed successfully. false - some error.
bool HwLockCtrlUnlock();
* @brief HwLockCtrlSelfTest executes a self test. When completed, the Lock is always LOCKED.
* @arg outResult: [out] output the self test results
* @return true - self test completed and results are available in 'outResult'
* false - self test failed to execute.
bool HwLockCtrlSelfTest(HwLockCtrlSelfTestResultT* outResult);
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