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TechDufus matthewjdegarmo

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matthewjdegarmo / Progress-Indicator-Example.ps1
Last active Apr 26, 2022
Display a spinner in the console to simulate scrip activity.
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#Region PREP
#Region Formatting
$script:YELLOW = "$($PSStyle.Foreground.Yellow)"
$script:RED = "$($PSStyle.Foreground.Red)"
$script:GREEN = "$($PSStyle.Foreground.Green)"
$script:CYAN = "$($PSStyle.Foreground.Cyan)"
$script:RESET = "$($PSStyle.Reset)"
$script:ARROW = "${CYAN}$([char]9654)${RESET}"
matthewjdegarmo / Get-LVTCompoundInterest.ps1
Last active Dec 21, 2021
Basic LVT Profit Compound Calculator
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Quickly calculate your compounding profits for LVT.
This function will show you an esitmate profit amount based on the values you provide.
This function currently does not get a live reading of the current LVT price, you will need to manually provide the current price yourself.
Provide the amount of LVT in your portfolio that is generating interest.
Provide the number of days you are investing in LVT.
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matthewjdegarmo / Get-WhereObject.ps1
Last active Apr 7, 2021
Dynamically Generate Where-Object from [PSCustomObject] Values
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Function Get-Example {
[System.String] $FirstName,
matthewjdegarmo / Test-PowerShellProfilePerformance.ps1
Last active Sep 5, 2022
Test PowerShell Profile Performance
View Test-PowerShellProfilePerformance.ps1
Perform a benchtest of your PowerShell profile.
Load Powershell (or Preview) X number of times with NO profile, and with profile, and compare the average loading times.
Specify the number of consoles to load for testing.
Specify whether to test again pwsh-preview or not.
With this present, the tests will use pwsh-preview.
matthewjdegarmo / New-ModuleBase.ps1
Last active Aug 3, 2020
Create the base module structure for a new module. This is my slight adaptation to Jeff Hick's [original code]( presented at the Chicago PowerShell Conference 2020.
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#requires -version 5.1
#requires -module PowerShellGet
The function assumes you have git installed and use it for source control
This code contains hard-coded references for my environment. This file
is offered as educational and reference material. It will not run for you
without revision.