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Information Workflows Presentation

Information Workflow

Hi I'm Matthew McCullough. I'm at @matthewmccull on Twitter. I work at GitHub as a trainer and need to organize lots of information in order to write books like Presentation Patterns, the O'Reilly Git book, Gradle book, and over a thousand presentations.

Today's big ideas are:

  • Discover
  • Capture
  • Create
  • Process
  • Search
  • Curate
  • Distill

I love things that synchronize seamlessly via a network or the Internet.

Action: Discover

How do you find new (related) things without spending 3 hours a day searching or reading RSS feeds?

  • Prismatic
  • Saved Twitter keyword searches
  • RSS feeds
  • Flipboard

Action: Capture

  • Evernote clipper
  • Evernote email address
  • Evernote camera
  • Penultimate for iPad
  • Pinboard bookmarklet
  • Pinboard email address
  • Pinbook for iPhone
  • DevonThink hotkey
  • Pocket bookmarklet
  • Delicious (Abandoned)
  • Voice Memos
  • Fuji ScanSnap

App: Pocket

  • Web app
  • Desktop app
  • Send to Pocket via TweetDeck

Action: Create

  • Gist
  • Git repos
  • Evernote
  • IAWriter
  • Tex Editor + Dropbox

Content: Text

  • Markdown (Short form)
  • AsciiDoc (Long form)

Content: Photos

  • Geo-tagging
  • Photos of paper notes
  • Photos of whiteboard
  • OCR via Evernote

Action: Process

  • Delish
  • Pocket
  • TextExpander

Action: Search

  • Mac OSX Spotlight keyword search
  • LaunchBar
  • Command line script (ack, find)
  • Frecency (Frequency + Recency)
  • Cue

Action: Curate

  • Mac OSX Smart Folders
  • OpenMeta Tags
  • Google Gmail Tags (from rules)

Action: Distill

  • Tag Groups
  • Markdown
  • Keynote
  • Evernote



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@andrewferk andrewferk commented Apr 8, 2013

Thanks Matthew. I've always found information workflow to be overwhelming for so many reasons: there's so much information, formats, and applications, and you always need a good SET of tools. Really, I would like ONE tool that works in the browser, Android, and iPhone. It should work with all content (RSS, social media, usergroups, email, etc.). It should also allow you to make categories, tags, and smart filters. The ability to share the information would also be welcomed. Really, I don't think I'll be impressed until I can do this :) Oh, and it should all be open data. Maybe even open software.

Why do you use Evernote and Pinboard? Couldn't you use Evernote for saving your bookmarks?

I've been using feedly, Taptu, and NewsBlur for the last week in attempt to find a replacement for Google Reader. feedly is working on Normandy, a Google Reader API clone which I expect will allow many google reader clients to change their address to feedly, making feedly very popular. The feedly client also allows you to tag individual articles, which is awesome.

Taptu syncs with Google Reader, but lack functionality with RSS. You can only add RSS on the Android/iOS app. It also allows you to combined multiple feeds and filter by search. I didn't find the search to be very accurate though. Also, I can't remove or filter out certain articles or content.

NewsBlur seems to be promising. It's opensource allowing me to host my personal news aggregator and modify the code to my needs. Or I can use the service at $24/year and follow others on the service. It also has an intelligence trainer for rss tags, titles, and providers. I haven't spent enough time using the Intelligence Trainer, but it may be a good tool.

I would guess feedly will probably have a lot of success by cloning the Google Reader API. NewsBlur may be successful by being opensource, low cost service, and having the Intelligence Trainer. Taptu and Flipboard are great UIs for viewing on your phone/tablet, but I want something that can also sync and provide similar or more functionality in the browser.

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