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1st Round Interview

  • Q: How would you describe your demanor and how does that contribute to the outcome in a client engagement?

  • Q: When a customer says "We have all kinds of GHE problems and need your help." how would you narrow that down to a set of tasks that could be put into a statement of work?

  • Q: What tactics would you employ to suss out what the real (not just perceived) needs of a client are via a phone call?

  • Q: What is a process or criteria that you use to evaluate any kind of opportunity, such as a new technology, a new product feature, or a prospective client engagement?

  • Q: What are criteria by which you might prioritize the requests the Sales team makes of the Services team?

  • Q: What is a GitHub Integration that you find invaluable? Why do you find it useful?

  • Q: Have you investigated personal access tokens vs. OAuth flows for tools that use the GitHub platform?

  • Q: What type of questions do you find yourself asking in past client engagements?

2nd Round Interview

  • Q: Can you speak to a time you've worked extremely well with adjacent teams, such as Sales and Marketing, at past jobs?
  • Q: How would you best go about reaching out to an Engineering team at GitHub for a feature request? What channels would you imagine you'd use?
  • Q: What modes of learning do you use to acquire knowledge about new technologies?
  • Q: What are your sentiments around contributing to the business side of Services?
  • Q: How do you feel about "contributing to an SOW document" and listing success criteria for an engagement?
  • Q: What are your tatics for building re-usable solutions? This could include documentation, curriculum, guides, scripts, or slides.
  • Q: How do you manage your time for the day? How do you organize tasks? How would you asynchronously communicate your availability to colleagues? What granularity of availability seems useful to broadcast?
  • Q: Could you walk a customer though a hard GHE task, in a logical, patient, and step-wise manner? Teach me something in 4 simple steps.
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