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Dreaming of collective intelligence

Matthieu Bosquet matthieubosquet

Dreaming of collective intelligence
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Open Source Contribution

Checkout Git repository

Checkout a Git repository either directly from the default origin if you're a contributor or from a fork if you're not.

Proposed changes

  1. Create or reference an issue that describes the problem you identified and are trying to solve unless the change is small or already known/formulated otherwise
  2. Create a branch following the naming convention: "type/short-hyphenated-description" where type can be:
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A Pod, an Identity Provider and a WebID

This document describes the relationship between the three tenants of identity assertion in the Solid ecosystem.



A WebID is an IRI over which one asserts control and denotes:

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SHACL Cheat Sheet

The SHACL vocabulary uses prefix sh: and namespace, it is a W3C recommendation.

The Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is a validation framework for RDF graphs.

Table of Contents

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Git Cheat Sheet

Table of Contents


Git repositories can have as many remote addresses as one wants. It is distributed after all. The remote address with shortname origin is set when cloning a repository.