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Matt Komarnicki mattkomarnicki

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View Using pluck() method on nested

Using pluck() method on nested relationships.

Normally in Laravel querying a given model with its relationships allows you to use dot notation to reach nested ones.

Relationship definitions

For example imagine we have 3 models - Configuration, EngineType and CarBrand. For the sake of simplicity the linkage goes as follows:

  • Configuration::class belongs to an EngineType::class
  • EngineType::class belongs to a CarBrand::class
exiftool -XMP:GPSLatitude=1.288249 -XMP:GPSLongitude=103.851536 -P -overwrite_original A7304765.ARW
// Reload metadata in Capture One
// -overwrite_original will prevent from making extra copy of the target file
View camel_case_to_human.php
private function camelCaseToHuman(string $input): string
$result = preg_split('/(^[^A-Z]+|[A-Z][^A-Z]+)/', $input, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY| PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);
return ucfirst(implode(' ', $result));
View phpbb_posts_per_month.sql
SELECT YEAR(FROM_UNIXTIME(post_time)) as `year`, LPAD(MONTH(FROM_UNIXTIME(post_time)), 2, 0) as `month`, COUNT(post_id) as count FROM phpbb3_posts
GROUP BY `year`, `month`
ORDER BY `year`, `month` ASC
View gist:878bfbe9f34583c180346726ac1c149b
# There was a day where I have too many color schemes in iTerm2 and I want to remove them all.
# iTerm2 doesn't have "bulk remove" and it was literally painful to delete them one-by-one.
# iTerm2 save it's preference in ~/Library/Preferences/com.googlecode.iterm2.plist in a binary format
# What you need to do is basically copy that somewhere, convert to xml and remove color schemes in the xml files.
$ cd /tmp/
$ cp ~/Library/Preferences/com.googlecode.iterm2.plist .
$ plutil -convert xml1 com.googlecode.iterm2.plist
$ vi com.googlecode.iterm2.plist
# 1) Save below script as a file with *.sh extension
#! /bin/bash
echo Cleaning Zoom…
echo Cleaning Application Cached Files…
sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/
echo Cleaning Application…
sudo rm -rf /Applications/
sudo rm -rf ~/Applications/
mattkomarnicki /
Created Mar 17, 2019 — forked from dergachev/
OS X Screencast to animated GIF

OS X Screencast to animated GIF

This gist shows how to create a GIF screencast using only free OS X tools: QuickTime, ffmpeg, and gifsicle.

Screencapture GIF


To capture the video (filesize: 19MB), using the free "QuickTime Player" application:

View events.js
// MIT licensed, Written by Abdul Khan and Alexey Novak, 2014
// version 0.1.3
var utils = utils || {};
// Publish/Subscribe pattern adapted from
(function() {
utils.Events = function() {
mattkomarnicki / format_number_in_k_notation.php
Last active Jun 28, 2019
Formats given integer into short version with a suffix. For example "1500" will become "1K+".
View format_number_in_k_notation.php
if (!function_exists('format_number_in_k_notation')) {
function format_number_in_k_notation(int $number): string
$suffixByNumber = function () use ($number) {
if ($number < 1000) {
return sprintf('%d', $number);
View redundant_else_redundant_if.php
// example 1 (lame)
public function isAdmin(): bool
if ($this->permission->canAccess('dashboard')) {
return true;
} else {
return false;