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mattmcd /
Last active May 5, 2016
Test framework boilerplate in Python
# Test framework
from unittest import TestCase
from import raises
# Objects under test
from foo import bar
class TestBar(TestCase):
def test_cool_bar_thing1(self):
mattmcd / opencv_clj_setup.txt
Created Feb 10, 2016
Instructions for setting up OpenCV development in Clojure on Ubuntu
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# Instructions for setting up OpenCV development in Clojure on Ubuntu
# Copied from
# Install opencv
sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev
# Get location of latest .jar and .so
dpkg -L libopencv2.4-java | grep jar
dpkg -L libopencv2.4-jni | grep .so
mattmcd / Makefile
Created Jun 8, 2013
Trying out lambdas and std::function in C++11
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all: test_Factory
test_Factory: test_Factory.cpp
$(CXX) -std=c++0x -o test_Factory test_Factory.cpp
mattmcd / CFunction.g4
Created Apr 21, 2013
ANTLR4 version of Wrapper Generator
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grammar CFunction;
function : retType name args ;
args : '(' arg (',' arg)* ')' ;
: 'double' name # SCALAR_ARG
| 'double' '*' name # ARRAY_ARG
mattmcd / CFunction.g
Created Apr 21, 2013
ANTLR3 version of Wrapper Generator
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grammar CFunction;
options {
output = AST;
ASTLabelType = CommonTree;
tokens {
mattmcd / Hello.g4
Last active Mar 11, 2021
Simple ANTLR4 grammar example
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// define a grammar called Hello
grammar Hello;
r : 'hello' ID;
ID : [a-z]+ ;
WS : [ \t\r\n]+ -> skip ;
mattmcd / saddle_install.txt
Created Apr 7, 2013
Shell history from installing Saddle: Scala Data Library A couple of extra steps above the standard install were required in order to update my Java install to Java 7.
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# Change location to where External Code is installed
cd ~/Work/ExternCode/
# Install conscript, a tool for installing and updating Scala software
# programs.
curl >
chmod 755
mattmcd / Expr.g4
Created Mar 30, 2013
ANTLR4 simple expression grammar. Note that left recursion is now allowed and operator precedence is just order of definition.
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grammar Expr;
// Need to call recursive rule expr from non-recursive rule
r : expr+ ;
// ANTLR4 : Left recursion!
// Operator precedence matches order of definition
expr : '-' expr // Unary minus
| expr ('*' | '/' ) expr
| expr ('+' | '-' ) expr
mattmcd / gist:5277466
Created Mar 30, 2013
Installing ANTLR 4.0 in TerminalIDE on a Nexus 7
View gist:5277466
1. Modify ~/system/bin/dx to increase memory size:
#dx helper script
dalvikvm -Xms256m -Xmx512m -cp $APK com.spartacusrex.spartacuside.external.dx $@
2. Download [Complete ANTLR 4.0 Java binaries jar]( and copy to ~/bin. Change to this directory.
3. Convert jar to dex so that it can run on Android (takes about 20mins with power connected):
dx --dex --output=antlr-4.0.dex.jar antlr-4.0-complete.jar
mattmcd / Makefile
Created Mar 30, 2013
Identifying FX Arbitrage as a linear programming problem using COIN-OR Linear Program Solver (CLP).
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all: fx_solver
fx_solver: fx_solver.cpp
clang++ -std=c++0x -I/usr/include/coin -o fx_solver fx_solver.cpp -lClp
# Install CLP:
# sudo apt-get install coinor-libclp0 coinor-libclp-doc