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diff -r dde8ff798ed9 runtime/doc/todo.txt
--- a/runtime/doc/todo.txt Sat Aug 30 18:10:19 2014 +0200
+++ b/runtime/doc/todo.txt Mon Sep 01 14:30:03 2014 +0900
@@ -69,13 +69,6 @@
Update for Romanian spell file. (Vanilla Ice, 2014 Aug 13)
-exepath() may return the wrong value. Patch by Yasuhiro Matsumoto, 2014 Aug
-Win32: use different args for SearchPath()? (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, 2009 Jan 30)
-Also fixes wrong result from executable().
-Update from Ken Takata, 2014 Jan 10. Newer 2014 Apr 3.
Patch to remove ETO_IGNORELANGUAGE, it causes Chinese characters not to show
up. (Paul Moore, 2014 Jul 30)
Should it depend on the Windows version? Waiting for feedback.
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