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Thesis Skin Starter Template - Basic
/*---:[ body ]:---*/
body.custom { background: #000; }
// deny direct access
if (! defined('ABSPATH'))
die('Please do not directly access this file');
class thesis_skin_example extends thesis_custom_loop {
public function __construct() {
parent::__construct(); // this "activates" the Custom Loop API
add_action('init', array($this, 'init'));
public function init() {
public function actions() {
// add and remove actions here
public function filters() {
// add and remove filters here
private function switch_skin() {
// Since after_switch_theme won't run, let's make sure that we generate the CSS
if (is_admin() && ! get_option(__CLASS__ . '_generate')) {
update_option(__CLASS__ . '_generate', 1);
wp_cache_flush(); // flush the cache so things don't break!
else return null;
// below this line, use methods from the Custom Loop API.
public function home() {
thesis_loop::home(); // remove this line and put your own home loop here
public function archive() {
thesis_loop::archive(); // remove this line and put your own archive loop here
new thesis_skin_example;
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