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#A script which enables the use of
#the Pythonista keychain as a persistent
#database. The database is accessed like a dict.
# from keychaindb import KeychainDB
# kdb = KeychainDB()
# kdb['key']
#Unfortunately the keychain can only hold
#strings, but it should be easy to type cast
import keychain
from UserDict import DictMixin
DB_NAME = 'KeychainDB'
class KeychainDB (DictMixin):
def __init__(self, init=None):
self._keys = []
self._data = {}
if init is not None:
for key, value in init:
self[key] = value
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
keychain.set_password(DB_NAME, key, value)
def __delitem__(self, key):
for service in keychain.get_services():
if key in service:
keychain.delete_password(DB_NAME, key)
#No KeyError because user doesn't want the key there anyway
def __getitem__(self, key):
for service in keychain.get_services():
if key == service[1]:
return keychain.get_password(DB_NAME, key)
raise KeyError
def keys(self):
return [s[1] for s in keychain.get_services() if s[0] == DB_NAME]
def values(self):
return [keychain.get_password(DB_NAME, k) for k in self.keys()]
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