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GNU Screen Cheat Sheet


  • ctrl a c -> cre­ate new win­dow
  • ctrl a A -> set win­dow name
  • ctrl a w -> show all win­dow
  • ctrl a 1|2|3|… -> switch to win­dow n
  • ctrl a " -> choose win­dow
  • ctrl a ctrl a -> switch between win­dow
  • ctrl a d -> detach win­dow
  • ctrl a ? -> help
  • ctrl a [ -> start copy, move cur­sor to the copy loca­tion, press ENTER, select the chars, press ENTER to copy the selected char­ac­ters to the buffer
  • ctrl a ] -> paste from buffer

Starting screen

  • screen –DR -> list of detached screen
  • screen –r PID -> attach detached screen ses­sion
  • screen –dmS MySes­sion -> start a detached screen ses­sion
  • screen –r MySes­sion -> attach screen ses­sion with name MySession


  • ctrl a S -> cre­ate split screen
  • ctrl a TAB -> switch between split screens
  • ctrl a Q -> Kill all regions but the cur­rent one.
  • ctrl a X -> remove active win­dow from split screen
  • ctrl a O -> logout active win­dow (dis­able out­put)
  • ctrl a I -> login active win­dow (enable output)
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