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mattruma/ValidateVersion.ps1 Secret

Created Dec 3, 2020
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Adventures with Azure DevOps: Assembly Version Validation
[String] [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $Url,
[String] [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $Version
Write-Host "Url: $($Url)."
Write-Host "Version: $($Version)."
$Response = (Invoke-WebRequest -URI $Url)
$StatusCode = $Response.StatusCode
Write-Host "Status Code: $($StatusCode)."
$Content = $Response.Content | ConvertFrom-Json
If ($Content.version -ne $Version) {
Write-Host "Result: Failed."
Write-Error "Expected version to be $($Version) but received $($Content.version)."
} Else {
Write-Host "Result: Success."
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