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Helpful Sql Server scripts
-- See lots of settings the DB is currently using
select * from sys.databases
-- Count rows in each table
select TableName, i.rows Records
from sysobjects t, sysindexes i
where t.xtype = 'U' and = and i.indid in (0,1)
order by Records desc;
-- Find Foreign Key References
-- From
select cast( as varchar(255)) as foreign_key_name
, r.keycnt
, cast( as varchar(255)) as foreign_table
, cast( as varchar(255)) as foreign_column_1
, cast( as varchar(255)) as foreign_column_2
, cast( as varchar(255)) as primary_table
, cast( as varchar(255)) as primary_column_1
, cast( as varchar(255)) as primary_column_2
from sysobjects f
inner join sysobjects c on f.parent_obj =
inner join sysreferences r on = r.constid
inner join sysobjects p on r.rkeyid =
inner join syscolumns rc on r.rkeyid = and r.rkey1 = rc.colid
inner join syscolumns fc on r.fkeyid = and r.fkey1 = fc.colid
left join syscolumns rc2 on r.rkeyid = and r.rkey2 = rc.colid
left join syscolumns fc2 on r.fkeyid = and r.fkey2 = fc.colid
where f.type = 'F'
ORDER BY cast( as varchar(255))
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